Robbie with Silk Road Special

Since 2013 I have been offering private drum lessons for beginners and intermediate players of all ages in Oldenburg. Lessons take place at my rehearsal space near the university.

Are you interested? Just send me a message using the contact form and and I’d be happy to offer you a trial lesson.


I firmly believe that anyone can learn an instrument. There is such a thing as musical talent, but if you’re asking yourself whether learning an instrument is the right thing for you, enthusiasm for the instrument is what matters most.

In the course of my teaching experience, I have developed a curriculum with elements that build on each other. I also like to focus on the musical interests of my students. Personal goals such as “I want to play drums in a band” or “I want to be able to play song XY” can be a great motivation. I create lesson material tailored to the needs of individual students and transcribe songs as required.


  • 104€ per month for 45 minutes per week
  • 77€ per month for 30 minutes per week

I also offer hourly packages upon request.