Robbie as a child
Robbie as a child

The Beatles were Robbie’s first love. Even as a toddler he imitated their drummer Ringo Starr on the family’s pots and pans. The desire to play the drums was there from the word go. Robbie started taking piano lessons at the age of six and finally got drum lessons when he was 11. He soon got his first taste of playing in a band, starting out in a brass ensemble and then in a band called Standard. Standard played in and around Hamburg for a few years with a wild mix of rock, ska, funk and punk.

Robbie studied Music and English at the University of Oldenburg for the teaching profession and earned a bachelor degree. There, he took drum lessons from Heinrich Hock and Christian Schoenefeldt.

To date, he has played several hundred concerts with numerous bands since 2001. Founded as a Jamiroquai tribute band in 2012, Jstyle (formerly Jamirostyle) is Robbie’s main band.

Teaching drums has been Robbie’s passion and profession for a decade. After a period of working at music schools he directed his attention to his own teaching business.

Current bands

Music by Silk Road Special and Jstyle

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